HDR workshop

The Sensation project is built upon a consortium of different partners active in sensor development, camera development and compression algorithms. Multiple workshops are organized to strengthen the partnership, cooperation and knowledge-sharing between the SENSATION consortium stakeholders.

Caeleste is organizing and hosting a workshop on High Dynamic Range imaging on the 22th of January from 10am to 15pm. A lunch will be provided by Caeleste.

During this workshop, the consortium partners will have the opportunity to showcase their visions and insights on the characterization of HDR sensors. In particular, lectures will be given by:

Name Company/Institute Title
Jeroen Rotte GrassValley High Dynamic Range for Broadcast
Bert Luyssaert Caeleste Characterization of an HDR sensor
Bernd Jaehne (Invited) EMVA Group The EMVA 1288 Standard and its possible extension to HDR imaging
Thomas Dobbelaere ONSemi Proposed extensions to common char standards for Global Shutter HDR
Albert Theuwissen Delft University Analysis of state-of-the-art HDR technology
Jochem Herrmann Adimec HDR in user applications


The complete list of speakers and abstract of topics will be added as soon as all topics are frozen.

Please note that this is a closed workshop with a limited amount of spaces available an can only be attended by invitation only.



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2800 Mechelen – Belgium